Helping Men Age 30-45

Create & Live a Healthier Lifestyle!

Welcome, I’m Saul!

I am a fitness professional and lifestyle coach for men over 30. I’m also a husband, father, and Marine Corps Veteran who LOVES to travel!


“He was able to put together a workout plan for me that helped me not only reach the small goals I set for my self, but surpass them more than I thought I would.”

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J. N. , CA

“Coach P definitely wants to see you succeed in achieving your personal goals and I would highly recommend him!”

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A.E. , CA

“When it came to accountability, he checked in to see how things were going because he knows life gets hard as times and things happen to where we aren’t able to complete a workout, but at the same time motivated you and told you what needed to be heard to ensure you stay on track.” Read more “4”

M. R., TX

“He is not a trainer that forces you to train, but actually cares about your mental state. He attacks what makes you go and what makes you thrive before finding the perfect routine to reach whatever goal you may have.”

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J.G. , NY

“A major plus was your level of professionalism and the value you provided throughout my time working with you!” Read more “5”

T.K., CA



Ready To Get RESULTS?




Fitness & Lifestyle Reset

Fitness & Lifestyle Reset is a program for men like you who are ready to focus on their fitness, while creating and living a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want to lose 30-100lbs, stop running out of breath, keep up with your kids without getting tired, feel comfortable in your own skin, or fully enjoy sex without feeling self-conscious about your weight. Whatever your reasoning is, it is important to me! You will burn fat, lose the weight and learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Mindset Reset

Mindset Reset is a 1:1 coaching program for men who are ready to transform their lives and accelerate to higher levels of success. Coaching is about working with a professional who specializes in introspection and has the skills to improve others with a thought-provoking and co-creative process. Maybe you want to get unstuck, overcome limiting beliefs or mental roadblocks, develop yourself as a man, improve self-confidence, or reduce stress and anxiety.