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Hi, my name is Saul

I’m a fitness and lifestyle coach for men. I’m also a father, husband, and Marine Corps Veteran who LOVES to travel!


“When it came to accountability, he checked in to see how things were going because he knows life gets hard as times and things happen to where we aren’t able to complete a workout, but at the same time motivated you and told you what needed to be heard to ensure you stay on track.” Read more “4”

M. R., TX

“Coach P definitely wants to see you succeed in achieving your personal goals and I would highly recommend him!”

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A.E. , CA

“He was able to put together a workout plan for me that helped me not only reach the small goals I set for my self, but surpass them more than I thought I would.”

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J. N. , CA

“He is not a trainer that forces you to train, but actually cares about your mental state. He attacks what makes you go and what makes you thrive before finding the perfect routine to reach whatever goal you may have.”

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J.G. , NY

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Men’s Fitness Coaching

Men’s fitness coaching includes fitness & nutrition coaching. This service is for men who lost focus on their health while excelling in other areas of life. You have tried different fad diets, joined the gym, and are getting little to zero results. Results come from directing your energy in the right direction. I identify the effective ways  to keep you motivated and hold you accountable so you can get results. This is not a cookie cutter program, You will burn fat and learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Men’s Lifestyle Coaching

Many men reach great accomplishments in a career or business, and many realize they don’t have the same success in their personal life. When you realize life is passing you by, it’s time to take control. Investing in coaching means you and I will work together to bring success into your personal life. Why work with a coach to get success in your personal life? Coaching is about working with someone who specializes in introspection and has skills to improve others. Investing in coaching is just like hiring someone who specializes in building homes, you wouldn’t hire just anyone.