I was born and raised in Kansas City, MO and now live in Houston, TX. I joined the U.S. Marine Corps at age 18, serving ten years collectively at different duty stations such as Japan, The Philippines, California, and Wisconsin.

Coach P Fitness

Coach P Fitness was created for men who want to improve their health, develop an empowering mindset, and discover their authentic selves. This is accomplished through fitness & nutrition coaching, mindset coaching, and the teachings of yoga (Viniyoga & Raja yoga).

They are ready to maximize their personal & professional potential and reach desired results!

How did I get started?

It all started with a cheap barbell set from K-Mart, and once I began working out, I found a new passion. At age 12, I was fascinated with the control I could have over my body by lifting weights. Of course, action-packed movies with Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger further encouraged my fascination with improving my muscular strength and endurance. Eventually, bodybuilding kings such as Ronnie Coleman would become my inspiration for bodybuilding. It was not just about lifting the weights. As a kid, fitness became a way to feel I had control over my life when other things felt out of control.

Marine Corps

At 18, I decided to join the United States Marines to be challenged and put my body to the ultimate test. During this time, I learned more about myself and how to lead. In the Marines, leadership starts from day one. Throughout my career in the military, I successfully led, mentored, and trained hundreds of Marines and civilians. And while a recruiter, it was inspiring to see young kids change mentally and physically to become a Marine. I owe a lot to the Marine Corps for allowing me to acquire valuable experiences. As my career ended, this was a turning point in my life.

Fitness & Nutrition

Once I transitioned from the military, I decided to take advantage of the educational opportunities. I’ve been into fitness my whole life and wanted to help people reach their fitness goals. I attended college to earn my degree in exercise and nutritional sciences. While studying fitness and nutrition over the years, I became more aware of the growing rate of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes among men in America and the value of helping them prevent these conditions. Personal experiences revealed that many men want to achieve their health and fitness goals but often lack the proper knowledge or guidance to accomplish them. They also may not always have a positive support system or someone willing to hold them accountable at a higher level.

Learning about the science of exercise and nutrition was informative, and it greatly expanded my mind. However, I realized theory without practical application was not enough to be my best at helping clients. I soon realized hands-on experience of working with real people was what I needed. So, I decided to further my education by attending the National Personal Training Institute of Southern California. While there, I gained valuable hands-on experience in an intimate setting led by top fitness professionals/instructors in the area. Earning my advanced personal training diploma and specializations allowed me to develop the skills needed as a well-rounded trainer/coach. I improved my effectiveness in getting people the best fitness results possible. However, I soon started to realize something was missing. They weren’t 100% happy with other areas in their life.

Life Coaching

Physical fitness was only part of the equation. Reaching a fitness goal is satisfying until we realize other areas of our life aren’t at 100%. I thought back to the early 2000s when I experienced something similar, which led me to focus on personal & professional development. However, I wanted to find an effective and efficient way of incorporating what I learned over the years into helping people bridge the gap of what they felt they were missing in other areas in their life.

Once again, I took the time to further educate myself on becoming a life coach by reading books, listening to audiotapes, and investing in life coach training. I also hired life coaches during this process, which was one of the best investments I’ve made! I figured what better way to serve others than to do the work myself first and go through the experience. Since then, using the skill of coaching has allowed me to help people discover their blind spots, challenge & change limiting beliefs, and create a healthier lifestyle while impacting their life in an empowering, positive way. But guess what? It did not stop there.


Years before and while attending school, close friends hinted at me to try yoga and become a teacher. I had no idea what yoga was about or what it had to offer me. That was until I decided to invest in a 500-hour yoga teacher training course. It started as curiosity, but I soon realized yoga was a missing link to my personal growth. It changed my life for the best and taught me more about myself through movement, breath, and meditation. I discovered mental clarity, ease, and a new appreciation for life on a deeper level. This experience inspired me to want to share it with the world!

Some guys ask, “why so much training?”. I wanted to experience it for myself while developing the skills needed to help other men. I firmly believe not to expect someone to do what I haven’t experienced for myself. By combining fitness, coaching, and yoga, I have since been able to effectively assist clients in transforming not only their bodies but other areas of their lives at higher levels. Ultimately, it has become my passion and purpose in life to help people improve their body, mind, and beyond.

For you, I will be the coach in your corner, who will never give up on you even after you have given up on yourself! 




San Diego Miramar College

· A.S. Exercise and Nutritional Sciences



Certifications & Training:


National Personal Training Institute (Hands-on training)

· Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma -500hr

· Yoga Teacher Diploma -RYS 500hr


Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching

· Certified Professional Coach


Coach Training Alliance (Live training)

· Certified Coach



· Building Emotional Intimacy with Couples Using Action


Satir Global Network

· Received coaching & mentoring