Fitness & Lifestyle Reset

Fitness & Lifestyle Reset is a program for men like you who are ready to focus on their fitness, while creating and living a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you want to lose 30-100lbs, stop running out of breath, keep up with your kids without getting tired, feel comfortable in your own skin, or fully enjoy sex without feeling self-conscious about your weight. Whatever your reasoning is, it is important to me! You will burn fat, lose the weight and learn how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Who Is This For

Men who are winners; they’re ready to show up, do the work, and get results!

Many men want to reach their health and fitness goals, but often lack the proper knowledge, guidance, or accountability to accomplish them. They often don’t have the positive support system for achieving goals outside of their profession. Not anymore! This is where I step in as your coach. The benefit of having a coach is receiving expert advice and the guidance you need to maximize your results.

When you join the Fitness & Lifestyle Reset program, we’ll work together one-on-one. My mission is to work with you to achieve the health & fitness levels you desire while creating a healthier lifestyle. My intent is to be your simplifier, so you can use your time, energy, and focus on the things that matter to you most. I will be the coach in your corner who will never give up on you, even after you have given up on yourself!


How It Works

You will be working with me directly (not a staff member) via phone or Zoom and the Coach P Fitness app. No more confusing pdf’s to follow or risks losing notes, track EVERYTHING from the app!

This program combines fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching, making it more effective in giving you greater support for sustainable and long-term results. I don’t want repeat clients; I want to teach you everything you need to know, so you never need me again…unless you enjoy working with me! 

Program Commitment Options:

3 Months, 6 Months, or 1 Year

Program Include:

✔️ Individualized Experience & Journey

✔️ Detailed Exercise Program

✔️ Exercise Video Tutorials

✔️ Weekly Check-Ins & Accountability Calls

✔️ Custom Nutrition Plan

✔️ Program Modifications

✔️ 24/7, 365 Support & Motivation

✔️ Confidentiality

*Quarterly follow-up calls for 1 year after program!


Schedule A Call


Congratulations on stepping up and taking action! This is the very first step you must take to achieve your health & fitness goals.


This questionnaire will help you get the most out of working with me. Not only will it help me learn more about you and better serve your needs, but it will also help you gain more clarity as to what you want and what may be stopping you from getting it. We will discuss your fitness  goals and determine if we’re a good fit for each other.




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